This is a topical analgesic and does not use waxes, oils, aloe or petroleum. The result is a fast-acting, penetrating, long lasting pain reliever. Biofreeze can effectively help relieve pain from: sore muscles & muscle sprains, back, shoulder, neck pain arthritis painful ankle, knee, hip & elbow joints, and muscular strains.

BIOFREEZE products are used to relieve pain prior to:

  • Ultrasound Treatments
  • Soft Tissue Trigger Point Therapy
  • Massage Therapy
  • Rehabilitation Exercises
  • Pre and Post Workout Stretch


We offer different pain management products to assist with recovery and promote pain relief. TENS is a great alternative to medication for chronic or acute pain. TENS can be used during labor or following surgery to reduce the intensity of pain. It is ideal for people with extremity pain and muscle weakness. Some units are combination TENS and EMS. TENS can provide pain relief, while EMS can assist with the strengthening of weak muscles. Many athletes recovering from injury or post surgical clients also use this unit to facilitate their strengthening program. TENS is also used in conjunction with physical therapy to reduce pain with prescribed exercise.
Feel free to give us a call, our staff will be happy to discuss your needs and provide you with advice.
If covered under your Extended Health Insurance Plan , a prescription from your Family Physician is typically required.

Custom Braces Custom Braces can be used for a variety of conditions that may cause pain or limit your function. Ligament braces provide stability to injured structures such as your MCL, ACL, LCL or PCL, while allowing you to return to sport or work related tasks. Unloading braces are excellent for those with osteoarthritis, as they decompress the arthritic areas of the knee, reducing pain and swelling. Whether you are an athlete with an ACL tear, or someone with osteoarthritis that would like pain relief or get back to daily activities such as walking, gardening, or golfing, each brace is fitted and designed to help you achieve relief. We also offer braces for ankle, knee, wrist and elbow conditions to assist with pain management and stability.. We are experienced in the measurement and fitting of many types of braces including the popular DonJoy Defiance III. ‘DonJoy’ is a global leader in prescription orthopaedic braces and has an excellent reputation in the medical community. Will my brace be covered by insurance? Your brace may be covered if you have extended health benefits. Often a prescription is required from your physician first, so you may wish to obtain this prior to arriving for your bracing appointment. We invite you to call our clinic at (416) 289-4402 so we can guide you through each step of this process.

Compression Stockings & Hosiery The average person will walk 100,000 miles in their lifetime, which is the equivalent of over four trips around the world ! That much walking and activity often causes aching, tired and fatigued legs, but there is an answer to help alleviate this – Compression Socks and Compression Sockings. Compressions Socks and Compression Stockings are available from our clinic in a wide variety of styles including support socks, trouser socks, knee highs, and pantyhose. They look and feel like regular socks, but help to alleviate discomfort and pain by providing therapeutic pressure to increase blood flow and circulation. Our expert Chiropractor and Physiotherapist are specially trained to fit and measure for both patient ready and custom compression stockings and socks. In Canada. more than 30% of women and 10% of men seek medical attention for venous disease. Who should wear compression stockings ? These unisex Compression Stockings are most commonly worn:

  • To lessen fatigue at the end of the day
  • To improve circulation for more energy – especially for those who may stand or sit for long periods of time, such as; Nurses, Flight Attendants, Pilots, Firefighters, Police, Teachers
  • To reduce swelling and discomfort in the lower extremities
  • To reduce risk of blood clot formation
  • To reduce risk and and provide prevention of venous and lymphatic disease
  • To improve leg sensation
  • To aid in the healing of ulcers
  • To improve athletic performance, reduce risk of injury, and faster recovery

To find out more about the different types of compression stockings or compressions socks call 416 289-4402.